2 Years of J-O-B-E-T-H

A couple of days ago, JoBeth and I celebrated two years of marriage! We got to enjoy some time together in Boston last week (including seeing the Red Sox obliterate the Yankees at Fenway Park) and we treated ourselves to a way-fancier-than-normal dinner here in Knoxville on Tuesday evening. But, I wanted to have something written to commemorate the occasion. As I was thinking, I was reminded of some specific memories of my Grandpa.

He was an extremely clever guy, intellectual, with an always-on, sometimes over peoples heads sense of humor. And for many special occasions, he would send us a card, email, even a text, written in the form of a riddle, a poem, or an acrostic. One year at Easter for instance, he set out some candy with a card that was meant to communicate – we didn’t have time to hide eggs, but here is some candy anyways. But instead of saying that, he wrote a poem that started something like “Imagine pastel parcels placed purposefully in the yard…” You get the point. It was one of my favorite quirks of his.

So, in honor of Grandpa, and in celebration of two years with JoBeth, here is an acrostic to help summarize these two years with my sweet wife.

J – Jovial. I bet you thought I was going to say joy – but that is too easy. She is every bit of the definition of the word – cheerful and friendly. She makes friends quickly, brings light everywhere she goes, and we can’t go anywhere without her excitedly hugging and being hugged by someone she may have met just once. #JoBethforMayor2020

O – Overwhelming. In every sense of the word. These past two years we have had times of overwhelming joy. At the same time, we have had times of sadness and melancholy. Beyond that we have been overwhelmed by God’s grace in our lives, and for the unique callings he has given us in Knoxville. Sometimes that leaves us feeling a bit overwhelmed, but still grateful.

B – Beautiful. She was when I met her, she was on her wedding day, and she is today. Inside and out.

E– Extraordinary. This might not be that creative of a word, but I mean it very literally. JoBeth is way more than ordinary. One of my favorite parts of living with her, and of getting to stay in this city together, has been getting to see her be affirmed in her extraordinariness, and for more and more people to have the chance to see what I have always seen in her.

T – Transition. We have lived our whole married two years in one apartment, but outside of that there has been a whole lot of change. JoBeth graduated college and got a job at Thrive Lonsdale, where she is now the volunteer coordinator! I finished an internship at Cedar Springs and started a new position there. So the city and apartment have stayed the same, but these past two years have been full of new seasons.

H – Home. One of my favorite parts of marriage is that we get to create a home together. It is worth noting, JoBeth is way better at it than me. When I lived in the apartment by myself I had a twin bed on the floor, and a camp chair in the living room. Now it is a place that is warm, hospitable, and really does feel like home. We are looking forward to moving into Lonsdale in October, where we will get to create a whole new kind of home. But the best part of it all is knowing that home will always be where we are together. (cue the “awww” sound effect).

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