8 Months Later…

Hi! Remember me? It has been a little while since I have posted anything here. Almost 9 months in fact. The only reason I didn’t call it “9 Months Later…” is because I didn’t want to accidentally imply that we are about to have a kid – we aren’t (yet!). But anyways, it really has been a long time. I can’t say why exactly – a busy school year for JoBeth and I, lack of inspiration, laziness, a strange self-consciousness about putting my thoughts out there – all of the above. But, 8, almost 9 months later and I am getting back out there.

The reason for deciding to write a new post today is actually simpler than the reason I haven’t written in so long. You see, I recently realized that I had enabled “Auto-Renew” on my domain name, meaning that a couple of weeks ago, a decent amount of money came out of my account to keep this website alive for another year. I didn’t really have a chance to think about whether or not I actually wanted to do that, and I didn’t catch it until it was too late. So, me being the frugal, cheapskate that I am, started thinking about the money I had spent and realized that in order to make it not seem like a total waste, I would need to post something about every other week – if not more. So here we are, a little rusty, and determined to have not wasted money on another year of scottiehill.com.

But this revelation that I need to write more often to make the expense seem reasonable has also reminded me why I started writing on here in the first place. I think it was after my freshman year of college and I had discovered a couple of outdoor blogs that I loved reading and really connected with. And I remember thinking, “I think I could do that!” (I may have also had pipe dreams about turning it into a profitable thing so I wouldn’t have to get a “real job,” but that’s another story) I quickly realized that I actually really enjoyed the practice of sitting down, taking thoughts and observations and stories, and putting them into words for others to enjoy. I loved hearing the way that these thoughts, observations and stories connected with others, and was hopeful that I could somehow be an encouragement to others through my words.

While thinking back to when I first started writing on here, I also remembered how 5 years ago my brother took a chance on me by investing in taking me from one of those scottieshills.wordpress.com websites that looked ugly and was hard to find, and instead creating scottiehill.com, just because he believed in and supported my writing. I also thought back to so many words of encouragement and notes of support from all kinds of people – whether they be old high school friends, friends of my parents on Facebook, or people I have barely met but somehow stumbled across a post shared by a friend. And then I thought about how much clarity I get from putting thoughts into words, and the joy of getting to share them with others.

And at the end of all these thoughts I have this: what started as a desire to write just enough to make me feel better about spending money on a website I haven’t used in over half a year has turned into an earnest desire to use the gifts that God has given me, and to return to a hobby that has been a source of joy and encouragement to me, and hopefully others over the years. So, I can’t tell you exactly what I’ll be writing – I’ve thought about turning old talks that I gave to high school students into short posts, or chopping up my boring thesis from college and turning it into a series of posts, simple reflections on scripture, or just updates on life from JoBeth and I. I’m sure it will be some combination of each of these. But here’s what I do know:

  • I’m committing to writing at least twice a month for the next year
  • I’m fully expecting that my main readers will be JoBeth, my mom, and my dad – and that’s okay with me!
  • If anybody else out there is reading and following along, I’m always grateful for your thoughts and feedback
  • I hope that the things I write will be encouraging, life giving, and bring glory to God.

I’m excited for the journey to come. See ya soon!

ps. if this is still my most recent blog post in a few months, please call me out

Here’s just one picture from one of our adventures (this one to New York) from the last 8 months. More to come soon!