One Big Thank You Note

It is Monday afternoon as I’m writing this. JoBeth and I will be married and on our way to Oregon this time next week. That is unbelievable. The summer has absolutely flown by. It is astounding to think that the day and event that I have been looking forward to for so long (like, a long time before I proposed or even convinced JoBeth to date me) is right around the corner. It felt so far away, and now, it is here. We are so, so excited.

As time seems to move both incredibly slow and incredibly fast and each day simultaneously slips by and drags on, I wanted to write this word of thanks before the week got away from me. JoBeth and I are so thankful for the lives that we have been given and the opportunity that we have to build a wonderful life together. But if anything has been made especially clear to me through this season of life, it is the fact that we did not get here on our own. We would not be the people that we are and in the situations that we are in if it were not for a large, diverse, faithful, and generous group of people around us. A unique collection of friends, peers, teammates, mentors, coaches, pastors, bosses, parents, siblings, relatives have, through the course of our lives, have been critical to our existence, growth, and maturation.

Here are just a few of the goofballs who have helped me become who I am today - kind of a scary thought.
Here are just a few of the goofballs who have helped me become who I am today – kind of a scary thought.

Something that I know is part of wedding etiquette but that I can tend to procrastinate on is “Thank You Notes.” I’m not sure if it is the act of picking out cards and envelopes that makes it so tough or if I am just forgetful, but while my heart is in a posture of gratefulness, I can sometime struggle to say it enough to the people who deserve to hear it: thank you. Maybe it is because any amount of words seems to fail in comparison to how immensely we have been blessed by people. Either way, there are a lot of you out there who deserve an emphatic, heart felt, enthusiastic, loving THANK YOU, and I wish that I could look each of you in the eyes, give you a hug, and shake your hand while uttering that simple phrase over and over.

To the friends and family that have supported me and been there for me through every step of my life, thank you.

To the mentors who have gently and graciously guided me towards truth and wisdom, thank you.

To the people who have believed in us enough to give us a chance with a job, camp, or experience we don’t deserve, thank you. To the people who were kind and generous enough to help JoBeth and I fund our trip to Asia, thank you. (It is also worth noting that the trip was absolutely incredible! Due to the nature of what we were doing and out of respect to people we had the privilege of working with, we aren’t able to give much details about our trip over the internet. If you would like to hear more about the trip, just post a comment here, message us on Facebook, or give us a call and we would absolutely love to talk about it. Alternatively, if you give us your address we can send you a picture or two from our trip along with a note about the experience.)

To the people who have come alongside us to offer encouragement, counsel, and celebration for our marriage, thank you.  

To anyone who has played a role in our lives, big or small, for a short time or throughout our whole life, thank you.

This is still not a comprehensive list, and these words still don’t do it justice. And we definitely aren’t off the hook for writing thank you notes. In fact we hope to personally thank a bunch of you in the near future. But as I get ready for an exciting, crazy, fun, terrifying, wonderful week ahead, I would be remiss not to take a moment to just say, thank you.

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