So What’s Next?

About two years ago I wrote a blog titled “Now What?” It was after I graduated college, almost exactly two years ago. It was a brief update on what I was doing next, where I was headed, and generally what was going on in my life. A lot has happened in those two years. Since graduation, I have spent a summer in Seattle, moved to Knoxville, got engaged, got married, watched JoBeth graduate, and now I’m almost finished with the two year internship I started when I moved up here. So, we have found ourselves in another “Now What?” stage of life.

“So what’s next?” is an extremely common question when people are in periods of transition. It is a question that hits from all angles – parents, friends, coworkers, etc. It is natural for people to be curious. JoBeth finished school less than a month ago, and my two year internship at the church will wrap up this summer. So of course we are subject to the “Now what?” or “What’s next?” questions. These are usually pretty innocent questions .

They can, of course, also be an anxiety inducing question. What are we going to do next? Should we move apartments? Cities? States? What jobs will we do? Should we go back to school? What do we do if the things we want to do don’t seem to line up?  Whose dream job do we pursue? All of these questions are wrapped up in those two simple words, “Now what?”

Doing some tough soul searching in Colorado.

It has been a unique challenge attempting to answer those questions during our first year of marriage. We are still adjusting to life as roommates, and before we can even decide if we should re-sign the lease on our first apartment we are trying to make some pretty significant life decisions. It has been a good, hard, surprising, and worthy endeavor. I think we have learned a lot about each other, about God, and about the life we have been given. We are still figuring some things out, and to be honest, I think we are still coming to a full peace about these decisions. Not so much because we doubt the decisions we have made, but because we are both people who see the whole world as being full of opportunities, so choosing a specific job in a specific place at a specific time means saying no to an infinite amount of other options. All of that to say, here is what we know so far, in bullet points:

  • We are staying in Knoxville! I have accepted a job as the Associate Director of High School ministry at Cedar Springs, the church where I am currently serving as an intern. We are really excited to continue to deepen the relationships we have made, both with students, families, and friends. It is a unique opportunity to stay with a group of 8th grade students as they move into high school, and I can’t wait to see what God has ahead in this position. I’ll start in August!
  • We are returning back to Asia this summer for two weeks in July! It is very similar to the trip we took last year, except this year we’ll be visiting a different city and JoBeth and I have the opportunity to lead the trip! We are, once again, raising money for the trip, and would of course be grateful for any support that you can offer!
  • Between now and our trip to Asia in July, there are 4 weddings (one of which JoBeth will have to miss because of the Asia trip – I’ll stay an extra day in the states and meet up with her after the wedding, so please be praying for her as she leads during a hectic travel day!), a week of VBS, a week of high school beach camp, and a bachelor’s weekend for one of my best friends. June is going to be crazy!
  • After we come back from Asia, we’ll spend a day almost catching up from jet-lag before we head off to Alaska to spend time with JoBeth’s family! The church has been so gracious to give me some time to rest, play, and explore before I transition into my new role in August, so we’ll get to spend almost three weeks up there. We are so excited!
  • JoBeth is still in the midst of the job securing process for the fall. There are some pretty exciting possibilities in the works, and in the meantime, she works at a ropes course at a local outdoor center, which is pretty rad! While I know she is eager to be able to fully answer that pesky “Now what?” question, I personally am just so excited to see how God uses the incredible gifts, talents, and passions that she has been given. Whoever is fortunate enough to have her on their team will get to see their lives and organization change for the better, because she is a rockstar.

So there it is. That is a brief look at our lives as of right now, May 30th, 2018. We don’t have everything figured out, but we are slowly starting to answer that question of “What’s next?” more confidently, and we are excited to see what is ahead. I am so grateful for how God has worked in our lives so far.


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